FREE taster sessions are set to land in Knutsford as Rounders England look to rekindle people’s memories of the sport.

The three-hour sessions will begin at 6pm on Wednesday, June 21, at Knutsford Sports Club on Mereheath Lane and will be repeated every Wednesday.

Should the rounders sessions be a success, a new social league could be launched in Knutsford and the surrounding area.

Darren Wilks, delivery partner for Rounders England, said: “The sport is in the minds of people, albeit in the memory banks but not actually available to play.

“Having looked at the areas that rounders was not currently played in, I found that Knutsford was an ideal place to start to spread the word.

“The taster sessions are available for everyone. Young, old, male, female and all abilities.

“The beauty of rounders is that is a very inclusive and anyone can join in. There are no barriers to the sessions.

“The taster sessions last for three hours, but this is to allow people to be able to come along when they are available and they can stay for as long as they would like or are able to.

“The leagues that will follow will be for both female and male players and ages 14 and above and would be in the evenings and have set match times.”