LITTLE LEIGH WI by Janet Whalley

President, Bernadette O’Donnell welcomed members and visitors to the meeting and Annual AGM.

The 70th Birthday Celebrations at Winnington Rec thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The Committee were thanked for all their hard work in organising it.

Christmas @ White Friars December 2 & 3.

An online edition of the Cheshire News to be trialled from February 2016 costing £4. Members would need to register to receive it electronically.

Names were taken for the County Quiz first round to be held on Monday February 15 and the Group Darts held at Winnington Rec on Tuesday March 1.

Group News: Only 89 Tickets sold for the autumn meeting.

A Wet on Wet Workshop by Gill Adlington - Moulton Memorial Hall December 4. £25.

The Spring Meeting Speaker (Derek Herbert) on Winston Churchill.

The meeting was closed and the AGM declared open.

The 2015 Committee, consisting of 10 members, was introduced.

A vote was taken for the position of President and Bernadette agreed to continue for another year.


Treasurer – Cath Smith - The WI were in a very healthy financial position although this year’s May Fair had not raised as much revenue.

Secretary – Elsie Evans

President – Bernadette O Donnell

Competition Results: Your Favourite Brooch

1. Kathleen Hewitt; 2. Jean Field; 3. Bernadette O’Donnell

Next meeting: December 2 – Ailsa & John Booth - A Musical Journey

Competition: A Small Xmas Arrangement

Flowers: Jan Whalley

Vote of Thanks: Sue Hall

Teas: Brenda Smith & Margaret Smith