Crosstown WI by Barbara Dawson

The recent meeting at Crosstown WI opened with a warm welcome by president May Lawson to 51 members and guests to their celebratory buffet lunch for the NFWI centenary and the 95th year for the CFWI.

Guests included Frances Woollam, Cheshire Federation chairman, Selina Prescott, WI advisor and Chris Bailey and WI members from Cranford, Boothsmere and Mobberley. Many members answered the invitation to wear fancy head wear.

All tables had a floral centrepiece made by Margaret Wood which were given to a lucky member sat at the table after the meal.

Activities for the celebratory year have been organised by WI house in Chester and have included: an open air picnic concert at Gawsworth, a visit to the Bishops House in Chester with tea in the garden and a visit to WI house. There is to be a thanksgiving service at Chester Cathedral on Wednesday, November 18. Members were encouraged to visit the heritage centre to see the centenary exhibit.

The meeting continued with a buffet provided by caterer Jayne Rudd and entertainment from John and the Echoes with music which took everyone back to their teenage years. The singer chose the novelty hat worn by Jean Tighe as the winner of the hat competition and helped to draw the raffle. The entertainment continued with members joining the dancing and singing. The president gave the vote of thanks for the the excellent meal and the afternoon's entertainment which was enjoyed by everyone.