A FAMILY friend of a late Knutsford priest who left a £1 million estate has revealed the source of his inherited wealth.

In last week’s Guardian, it was reported that the late Canon Joe Cahill, former priest at St Vincent de Paul Church in Knutsford, had left an estate worth close to £1 million.

He died on March 28 this year, aged 83, and arrived in the town in 1980.

Parishioner Jacky Elliott, from Knutsford, said she was a close friend of the late Canon’s.

She said he had been left a family farm by his brother, and as a result when his will was drawn up it was included in his estate.

She also added that his two sisters – both retired nuns – are currently living in the property.

“It was his grandparents’ farm that he was left after his brother died last year,” she said.

“He didn’t have any money at all, and the farm was left to him. The inference in the article was that he had left £1 million, and he had been living on the church for all those years, but that wasn’t the case.

“He found it a great surprise when his brother had left the farm to him – he didn’t want it at all.

“He was a very good man and gave his life to the church. He never thought about himself at all. ”

Canon Cahill returned home to Ireland in 2009 after more than 50 years living in England.

Before this and following his retirement as parish priest, he lived for several years in Plumley and was frequently referred to as the ‘Bishop of Plumley’.