CHAINSAW carvers from several countries will descend on Tatton Park this weekend.

Knutsford sculptor Tim Burgess will be among those competing at the 5th English Open Chainsaw Carving Competition.

But the artist, whose carvings include King Canute and an owl, said he was unsure what he was going to create.

“I only see the log that I’m going to be carving 24 hours before the actual competition,” he said.

“I have a few ideas lined up; possibly a carving of a group of animals that you’d find at Tatton Park.”

The carvers use chainsaws to sculpt wood into artistic creations representing people, animals, insects or anything else their imagination can create.

At least 30 chainsaw carvers from countries including the USA, Japan and Russia will compete in the event at the country estate.

The top man to beat at the competition will be Bob King from the USA who is a world renowned chainsaw carver and has won more competitions than anyone else in the world.

“There are lots of great chainsaw carvers taking part in this competition. It’s going to be tough to win at Tatton,” said Mr King.

Mr Burgess began his career producing small carvings, but has now progressed to creating larger sculptures.

Some of his previous creations include an 8ft owl in Mobberley that was made from a destroyed tree and a sculpture of King Canute in Knutsford that was carved out of a dying beech tree.

The 10ft carving of King Canute has been praised as ‘magnificent’ and one resident of Knutsford admitted to ‘doing a double take’ when he first saw it.

Mr Burgess said chainsaw carving could give damaged trees a new lease of life.

Some of his work will be auctioned at the event at Tatton Park.

He hopes many people will attend the competition to see what happens.

“This is really brilliant and a spectacle. To have 30 of the world’s best chainsaw carvers creating their art in the north west of England is really excellent,” he said.

Spectators can buy the exclusive works of art created in the competition at auctions throughout the weekend.

The event is being held alongside the Tatton Park Country Fair that includes many more attractions including craft marquees, an extensive food hall and children’s amusements.

Tickets cost £7 for adults and £3 for children.

The event is open during the Bank Holiday weekend from 10am to 6pm between August 29 and 31.

For further information call 01283 820548.