THE Tatton Estate says The Heath's common land status debate is a closed case, due to a legal ruling in the 1970s.

Residents have raised concerns about plans to fence off part of The Heath for the three-day Pub in the Park event in September.

Rosie Littler of TEM Group said: "We are delighted world famous chef Tom Kerridge and Brand Events are bringing the amazing Pub in the Park to Knutsford in September 2018.

"We are thrilled to see so many people sharing the excitement for this very 'Knutsford' event with comments and early interest in tickets, and support in licensing by the borough and town councils and Friends of the Heath.

"We are saddened that a loud minority are trying to spoil the event and attempt to reopen a legal debate of The Heath’s status which confirmed definitively that The Heath is privately owned land, with two 'freeholders' having a 'right of common' of 'digging for and getting clay and sand to be used in the rebuilding or reparation of any ancient buildings erected', specifically 94 and 96 King Street.

"Events like the Royal May Day, circus, and Scouts car boot sale - joined last year by the very successful Knutsford Lions charity event - have been conducted on The Heath for as long as anyone can remember.

"These events all rely on safety and security measures over small parts of The Heath like Pub in the Park and have never required third party permission and clearly would be impossible to operate were they required every time.

"The Tatton Estate already work with the Cheshire Wildlife Trust and Friends of the Heath to preserve and maintain the Heath for the community’s benefit.

"Brand Events along with the Estate remain very willing to work together with groups or individuals to alleviate any concerns about this 2.5 day event that have not already been addressed.

"Brand Events are incredibly forward thinking and will be in Knutsford regularly for anybody wishing discuss solutions to concerns or opportunities to deliver greater benefits in person.

"They will also be meeting with local businesses and putting the community at the heart of this already well loved event.

"We are confident in Brand Events outdoor events experience and know they will be returning The Heath to the same condition with which it was given to them.

The Heath will always remain a jewel in Knutsford’s crown in the Tatton Estate’s careful stewardship.

"There is no threat to access and The Heath is permanently protected along with the wonderful esoteric rights of the owners of two ancient buildings to graze their animals and use twigs to repair their [no longer] thatched roofs."