DETAILED plans for a new roundabout in Mobberley Road are to be presented as part of Tatton Estate proposals for a development of up to 250 homes north of the Parkgate Industrial Estate.

TEM Planning was granted outline planning permission to develop the site – the only one in town not in the green belt – in 2015, and is now set to consult on its plans.

A key feature of the approved access improvement for the area will come in the form of a £1 million roundabout where Mobberley Road meets Parkgate Lane, with finer details unveiled as part of the consultation.

TEM Planning’s Henry Brooks said: “It’s a project we have been working on for a long time. Knutsford is where we work and live – it’s our own back yard, and we try to do things differently and properly.

“One of the key bits of the development is the roundabout. We looked very hard at that junction – it’s a critical part of the community and we have looked very hard at finding a way to improve it.

“We looked at improving the T-junction, but people have said they want a roundabout and we are pleased that we have been able to squeeze it into a tight space.”

The three-entry roundabout would replace the current ‘T’-junction, with new pedestrian crossing points and a narrower pavement.

Cllr Jonathan Farber said: “Whilst the proposals are still at an outline stage and require further fleshing out ahead of a full submission, it does show that The Tatton Estate is willing to tackle the elephant in the room.

“Albeit a first pass, a roundabout scheme as proposed provides streamlined access and, in principal, goes some considerable distance in alleviating the current and future transport pressures.”

The development would take shape north of the industrial estate. Financial contributions proposed include Adams Hill and Hollow Lane improvements, funds for schools and open space.

A consultation takes place from 2pm to 8pm at Knutsford Heritage Centre on Tuesday, December 12.

Mr Brooks said: “It’s the first time we have had a decent amount of new housing in over a generation.

The allocated sites are going to be developed and the question is ‘how do we do it best?’ 

"It’s a lovely space – we have the opportunity to do something special there and we welcome comments on how we can take full advantage of the quality location.”