HIGH-VISIBILITY patrols and community engagement have helped to significantly reduce reports to Knutsford police officers over Halloween and Bonfire Night.

The two nights notorious for a spike in reports, including anti-social behaviour (ASB), were relatively quiet for officers in the town with a total of just two ASB incidents across Halloween and the weekend.

PCSOs had conducted visits to schools and organisations ahead of the spooky season, with the beat team also publishing details of increased patrols on social media.

Sergeant Andy Baker said: “A lot of the credit goes to the PCSOs. In the run up to Halloween and Bonfire Night they have spoken to a number of schools with regards to acceptable standards of behaviour and Bonfire Night safety.

“We have published where we have been patrolling and, in the run up, individuals who have previously been reported for ASB have been spoken to and warned about the increase in officer presence.”

In 2016, Halloween saw 14 incidents reported on Halloween, five of which were ASB-related. This was cut to eight incidents, including one involving ASB, for last week’s celebrations.

Last year saw 24 police incidents – three being ASB – across the Bonfire Night weekend, compared to a total of 23 this year including one of ASB.