HIGHWAYS England says no decision has been made on whether to up the roadworks speed limit on Cheshire’s motorways.

The government’s roads agency has undertaken trials assessing the safety and journey time benefits of setting drivers a limit of 55mph or 60mph through motorway roadworks.

With 72 drivers having been monitored on stretches on the Midlands M6 and the M3 near Winchester, 60 per cent of participants’ heart rates decreased at 60mph and 56 per cent at 55mph.

The end result, which could be rolled out in the near future, would see higher speed limits implemented in certain sections of roadworks or indeed entire stretches, subject to the scheme being tested for safety.

The M6 smart motorway scheme from junction 19 and Knutsford to 16 at Crewe is due for completion in March 2019, with work having started in December 2015.

The cost of the project is estimated at between £192 million and £274 million, and, once finished, will bring the hard shoulder into use as a live lane during heavy traffic.

Do you think driving at 55 or 60mph through M6 roadworks could bring safety benefits? Email yourviews@guardiangrp.co.uk