IMPATIENT drivers are causing safety concerns at a busy Knutsford junction, putting pedestrians at risk by mounting kerbs to avoid waiting in traffic.

A mum who lives opposite the junction, where Brook Street meets Hollow Lane, says some drivers heading for Mobberley Road are bypassing queuing cars to access the filter lane heading left.

Bridget Wall, of Holford Crescent, said that the sound of horns is a regular occurrence, but the safety aspect of motorists using the pavement is one that should be taken seriously.

Her six-year-old son, Davey, was almost hit by one such driver last week who swerved past traffic queuing up towards Chelford Road.

She said: “We were walking into town and crossed the road at the lights.

“As we approached Aldi, where the filter is, the road narrows and it gets so built up with traffic.

“This woman drove her car on the kerb and Davey was a metre away from it.

“I don’t know if she even noticed him.

“I went to tap on her window to say ‘be careful’, because it’s not the first time, but the lights changed and she drove off.

“It’s the fact that it happens a lot – I felt like I wanted to get a cardboard cut-out and put it there to let people know the dangers for the sake of a few seconds of waiting.

“There will be more people walking that way with Aldi being extended.”

The kerb between Aldi and the junction is dropped for driveway access.

In line with the conditions of a planning application in 2009, the junction itself was altered to allow the German supermarket to move into town in July 2013.

A push button crossing was put in place to address safety concerns for children walking to school or the train station, which Bridget said had been successful in making the area safer for pedestrians.

The supermarket is currently undergoing an expansion, including changes to its Brook Street entrance.

Is this something that you have seen or that has caused concern? Do you find yourself sitting in Brook Street traffic waiting to access the filter lane?

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