I USE the George Carnall centre every week doing keep fit for the over 50's and on Monday, July 10, I estimate there were 100 people in my class as it is very popular.

How can Trafford Council ignore the wishes of so many local people to save the centre?

For many years I played squash at Stretford Leisure Centre until the courts there were closed. If the squash courts are now to be closed in Davyhulme, as suggested by the council, then any team matches would have to be played in Altrincham. That's a long way and you even have to pay to park. Shape up Trafford Council we want more exercise not more congestion and pollution!

Further, Urmston Judo Club based at the George Carnall is world famous for the quality of its coaches and members and brings great pride and great prestige to the borough.

On Sunday in April I went to see a judo competition at the sports centre.There were lots of keen people involved and some participants were aged 5 to 8.

Again on Sunday, April 29, there was the Taekwondo England Open Championships held there.The large car park was again very busy with coaches,referees,parents and spectators all involved.

These people seem happy to pay a reasonable fee to Trafford Leisure for the use of facilities. George Carnall is the best facility - it seems crazy to drive away happy, paying customers.

The George Carnall is a much prized community asset, whose worth has been increased over a long time by the public spirited work of many clubs, societies and individuals. It should not be destroyed by local councillors who lack understanding for the people they were elected to serve.

When times are hard it's important that every pound is well spent.The centre represents excellent value for money.It brings in revenue to help support local jobs and services.

The Pennine Care NHS Trust pay good rent and provide extra services to the local community. It is bad economics to close such a busy centre and any councillor who doesn't fight to save it had better beware the elections of May 2018, when this council will get a big reality check.

Keith Evans,