VETERINARY nurses are warning people of the dangers of leaving their dogs in hot cars, even for a short time, after being called out to a report in the village.

Liz Gorman and Faye Douglas of Cheshire Pet Veterinary Practice urgently attended an incident in a car park last week, where two dogs had been left in a car parked in direct sunlight.

Although the windows were partially down, the nurses said the dogs were panting and in danger of heating.

Liz said: “We didn’t hesitate to race to the car park as we know in this situation seconds count.

"A car is just like an oven and even with a window slightly open it can soon become a death trap. Dogs can't cool down like we do as they only sweat in a few places."

Staff conducted an experiment, which saw a thermometer left in the back seat of car - with windows down - shoot up to 35 degrees C within minutes.

If you think your dogs are suffering heat stroke, gradually cool them down with wet towels and ice packs.

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