OUR readers have overwhelmingly backed calls to keep open Davyhulme's George Carnall Leisure Centre until promised changes have been made.

The promises included expansion of the existing Urmston Leisure Centre and how the Trafford Leisure Trust was going to be able to house the different sporting disciplines and groups.

Last week, the Stretford MP Kate Green called for the planned closure to be put on hold until the trust came clean on what, when and how it plans to implement the changes as part of a phased investment of more than £24m across Trafford

A former staff member Kirstie Chapman contacted us to say: "Glad to see the Messenger have run the George H Carnall closure story this week. As a former employee of the centre, I am deeply concerned about our community if we lose this excellent centre.

"I dealt with first hand the upset of all the customers that use the facilities there, a lot of them using it as an escape from their troubles at home, to get fit from illnesses and as a social aspect.

"The centre is facilitated in various ways that not everyone will be aware of in that the NHS rehab team plays an excellent part in the community and referring their own patients onto the gym team at George Carnall.

"Last week the producers of TV series Cold Feet were using the car park as a base to film around the area.

"Meanwhile, events every Sunday include dog shows, dance shows, antique fairs, martial arts competitions bringing people from all over the world.

"The squash courts are full every night, partly because there are no other courts in the area. People go in the cafe daily to socialise, the children's home and Egerton School use the facilities to get the children who have various problems to focus on something in life, these are just a few of the facilities Trafford Leisure are taking away from our community."

Kirstie added: "I have now left as I felt I needed to get a secure job before the closure as I was worried about my future there due to no communication."

Peter Flitcroft took to Facebook to say: "I think the way the leisure facilities are managed in Trafford needs to come under public scrutiny. The published accounts, the loss of charitable status all need explaining. 'not viable' explanations are a feeble excuse for poor management and oversight by the executive."

Dawn Locke said: "It should not be closed full STOP!"

Karen Fletcher said: "This centre needs to stay open, it's used by so many people and organisations. I thought this government promoted healthy lifestyles."

Eric Southward explains: "I've been using the centre for about 25 years and it still has the best staff fitness instructors etc."

Paula Summers says: "My son uses it every week. Urmston Centre doesn't have same facilities available. It's super, easy for those who travel from further away, positioned so close to motorway. All financial planning should be available to look over. Rather than closing it if it's failing look at WHY it's failing and do something about it. Fix it don't close it!"

Mark Edwards says: "I play squash there a few times a week with various people, there won't be anywhere else to play squash unless I join a private club, or travel to the new leisure centre they are proposing in Altrincham; now that's just unrealistic to travel from Urmston to Altrincham for 5 pm."