POLICE are warning that they are not going to tolerate dangerous driving after an incident involving a driver in Flixton on Sunday.

The car was found abandoned following it was witnessed by police and other road users overtaking a number of vehicles on Church Road close to the William Roe Golf Club

A spokesman for GMP NorthTrafford said: "At 5pm this afternoon, whilst on Church Road, Flixton, an officer witnessed a Mini Cooper S dangerously overtaking a number of vehicles near to William Roe Golf course, the vehicle was also travelling at dangerously high speed.

"The officer attempted to stop the vehicle but it failed to do so, the vehicle was temporarily lost but with the help of some franticly pointing members of the public the vehicle was found locked on Snowden Avenue, unfortunately the driver got away."

Daniel Logan took to social media to complain: "The guy was right on my bumper from Red Lion, up Irlam Road, then down Flixton road, went down Church Road where he decided to overtake going around the crossing in the centre of Church road. Buzzing police were there at that time, couldn't of timed it better. Silly guy, embarrassed himself."

Sam Hargreaves said: "This idiot overtook me and my nine year old causing me to swerve out the his way. Luckily, I saw him in my mirror to move as there was oncoming cars from the other side."

The police spokesman added: "The vehicle was seized under S59 Police Reform Act due to the manner of driving and enquiries will now be made with the owner to identify the driver.

"This type of driving will not be tolerated and will result in your vehicle being seized, a hefty fee to recover said vehicle and court action resulting in penalty points, disqualification and even spending sometime at Her Majesty's pleasure. Without the help of eagle eyed members of the public the vehicle might never have been recovered."