KNUTSFORD'S firefighters have been called out to an extra special job at a children's charity.

Crews from Knutsford Fire Station headed down to the the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust (CAFT) in Millington to speak to budding firefighters of the future from Knowsley Central School.

On-call firefighters Giles Robertson, Drew Ashurst and Anthony Naylor spent two hours at the the farm teaching the children all about what their job involves by encouraging them to participate in fun games and activities.

A group of 14 children aged 11 to 12 years were spending the week at the charity and were excited to dress up as firefighters, sit in the engine and even squirt water with hoses.

The charity supports children with a wide range of difficulties which prevent them from enjoying breaks, including those with terminal illnesses, complex physical disabilities, learning difficulties and sensory impairment, as well as those from deprived communities, victims of abuse and young carers.

The children were encouraged to work together to put out imaginary fires, each taking on a role within the team and using their communication and listening skills to fulfil their roles as budding firefighters.

For many of the children, their additional learning needs meant that this was quite a challenge but they all surprised the staff from the school and the charity by remaining focussed whilst having a great time.

Helen Crowther, from CAFT, said: “This was such a fantastic event, the children absolutely loved spending time with Giles, Drew and Anthony who were fantastic at getting them all involved, even those who are usually a little reserved or quiet.

"It was so lovely to see them all having so much fun and getting stuck in.

"I think we’ve got a few firefighters of the future on our hands here. We really can’t thank the crew from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service enough for what they’ve done for us, the children will never forget this day.”

Knutsford on-call firefighter Giles Robertson added: “It was great to see the young people getting so involved in the activities. They especially liked squirting water from the hoses which was great fun for everyone.”