SOUNDS like George Osborne has got his hands full after it was announced he has been appointed editor of the London Evening Standard while still serving as Tatton's MP. 

It's a full time job being a newspaper editor so it's lucky he doesn't have any other commitments....

Here's a few tips to make life a little bit easier for him:

1. Don't hack any phones

Should probably go without saying but there you go

Knutsford Guardian:

2. Know when to say sorry

Knutsford Guardian: Katie Hopkins left 'broken' by fat quest

3. Bring a packed lunch. 

There will be no time for fancy lunches out when you've got a deadline to meet. 

Knutsford Guardian: A Generic Photo of a child preparing their packed lunch. See PA Feature FAMILY Food Smart. Picture credit should read: PA Photo/thinkstockphotos. WARNING: This picture must only be used to accompany PA Feature FAMILY Food Smart...

4. And while we're on that topic, take in food with you that you can eat with one hand so you can carry on typing while you eat. Pasties are a great example. 

Knutsford Guardian: "Pasty tax" could lead to closures, Greggs warns

5. Know your patch

How you can expect to do a good job if you're not familiar with the area you cover?

Knutsford Guardian:

Google Maps highlights the distance between Tatton and London

6. Get your qualifications

You have to pass a variety of exams including media law and 100 words per minute shorthand to get a job in this industry

7. Be politically neutral

8. Be prepared for long hours

Breaking news can occur at any time of day or night 

Knutsford Guardian:

9. Be dedicated

As we said above, breaking news can occur at any time so you may have to drop any previous commitments to ensure you're doing the best possible job for your readers

10. Be wary of fake news