JOBSEEKERS in Knutsford could face a blow if a Government plan to close Wilmslow Jobcentre goes ahead.

Cllr Andrew Malloy, Knutsford town councillor, told the Guardian that the move, which is part of a national bid to save £180 million a year for the next decade, could be detrimental to people living outside of Wilmslow-especially Knutsford.

The Government’s Department for Work and Pensions opened the consultation process in January for plans which would see the closure or merger of job centres across the country, including the Wilmslow site.

The proposal would see Wilmslow’s Jobcentre, in Water Lane, be moved to Macclesfield’s site, which is eight miles away from the existing centre.

Cllr Malloy said: “This proposed closure is a real concern, as many Knutsford residents rely on the services of the Wilmslow Job Centre, for those without a car to have to travel to Macclesfield instead, could involve several hours of journeying and hanging around, as buses are not as frequent as to Wilmslow.

“It is disappointing that the consultation documentation does not seem to take in to account the needs of people from outside Wilmslow.

“Knutsford Town Council will be discussing this proposal next Monday evening, and I would urge Knutsford residents to respond to the consultation by Tuesday, February 28 and contact their town and borough councillors and their local MP with their concerns.”

On the proposal, the DWP said: “The end of this contract provides the department an opportunity, by 2018, to transform the way it does business by using the estate in the most efficient and cost effective way.

“This will represent value for money for the taxpayer and deliver a flexible, high standard service to our customers.”

Across the UK, the DWP wants to merge 78 smaller Jobcentres with larger ones, co-locate around 50 offices with local authorities or community services and close 27 back office buildings.

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