THE future of the Royal Cheshire County Show has been thrown into doubt after plans reveal the revised HS2 route cuts straight through the site.

Directors of the show, which has been running for 175 years, are appealing for public support against the proposed route which will affect the long-standing Tabley Showground.

The new Government plans will see the 120m-wide corridor cut across the north-east of site, which has been home to the show for 26 years- affecting between 100 and 120 acres of land.

Tony Garnett, chairman of the Royal Cheshire County Show, said: “We are deeply concerned to hear that the revised route of the HS2 is to cross our beautiful and peaceful showground.

“The Tabley site has successfully hosted the show since 1990, and we are fearful of the visual impact and disruption of such a high embankment across the showground.”

A salute to all things agricultural, the two-day event attracts more than 80,000 visitors each year from across the region and even further afield.

In 2016, the event reached a milestone when it was honoured with ‘Royal’ status by the Cabinet Office.

Preparations for the show in June are already advanced, and although the HS2 route does not pose an immediate threat- Tony is concerned about what it means for the event’s long-term future.

“Whilst we may not be able to prevent the construction of the route going ahead, we may be able to influence its final position and style of construction to minimise its impact where possible,” he added.

“We do hope the local community will consider contacting HS2 expressing their views of this

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