KNUTSFORD’S Royal May Queen has been announced as 13-year-old Academy student Charlotte James.

Longridge resident, Charlotte, will be crowned on the Heath on Saturday, May 6 as the town’s 142nd Royal May Queen.

The Year Nine student was chosen at the Royal May Day Committee’s selection evening on Tuesday, January 24 at Knutsford Academy and she has told the Guardian that the news took a while to sink in.

Charlotte said: “I didn’t really believe it at first. It didn’t sink in for a while. I’m looking forward to the dress but mainly the whole day because I find it so much fun.”

A keen drama student, Charlotte is used to the spotlight having recently taken on a lead role in Knutsford Little Theatre’s Christmas Pantomime Ali Baba and some thieves.

Charlotte has been involved in the event since she was five years old, making this her ninth year. For the past two years she has been a member of the court and was lady-in-waiting last year to current Royal May Queen Charlotte Kenyon.

“I have always really enjoyed the Royal May Day,” she added. “I have always done it along with my friends and it has been great fun.”

As a lifelong Knutsfordian, Charlotte has always been engrained with the tradition of the Royal May Day and her great aunt was also a May Queen.

Louise James, Charlotte’s mum, said that she was ‘very proud’ of her daughter.

“We are all really looking forward to May Day,” she added. “I just hope it doesn’t rain for her.”

Charlotte will be crowned on the Heath by 14-year-old Sam Cainer, this year’s Crown Bearer.

Sam is a keen kickboxer and regularly attends Northwich’s Super Gym, which is well known for it’s high calibre members of ex world and European champions.

Eileen Podmore, Royal May Day committee member, said that the role of the May Queen went down to three girls.

She said: “All of the girls were very pretty in their own ways. Charlotte walked well and she has a lovely smile- which could be why she got it.

“The girls write a letter but only the court selection members see the letter. No one else knows who they are, how old they are or where they live. Ninety eight per cent of the committee will have no idea who they are.

“It’s all very fair. They have to meet all of the criteria.”

In order to become Royal May Queen the candidate must have been involved in the May Day for a certain number of years, have been a Maid of Honour and she must live in the old urban district of Knutsford.

A crown bearer must have taken part in the event since they were five years old, which means that the majority of them have been in the May Day procession for upwards of nine years.

The rest of the characters will be chosen on Saturday 4th March from 12 noon at Knutsford Academy.