KNUTSFORD came together on Christmas Day to help provide a special festive meal for residents.

Knutsford Lions have held the annual dinner for those who living on their own for the past 30 years.

The Lions were supported by the Knutsford Hosts at this year's dinner, with Cllr Tony Dean, Mayor of Knutsford, also popping in to visit.

The Lions said: "Once again we provided lunch for about 40 people who would otherwise have been on their own on Christmas Day. We are particularly grateful to the volunteers who helped with the preparation and serving of food, entertaining and taxiing of our guests."

On Facebook Knutsfordians congratulated the Lions on staging the event.

Carole Godden said: "A lovely thing to do. Loneliness is bad at any time, but worse at Christmas when traditionally, families get together."

Teresa Nickson added: "A fantastic day for all involved!! Great work x."

Kate Shenton agreed, adding: "Great work as ever - well done Knutsford Lions."