COMMUTERS using Holmes Chapel railway station are to be hit with daily parking charges.

Northern Rail plan has instructed rail users and Holmes Chapel Parish Council, that it would impose the £2 daily parking charge on its 20 space car park, as from May 18.

The charges have brought a furious reaction from commuters on social media with Cath McGubbin saying the new effort by the rail firm to make money was 'unbelievable'. While Kevin Brownlow suggested it would mean: "more people parking on nearby roads and in the village".

Their voices were joined by Steve Ranger, the chairman of Holmes Chapel Parish Council, who said he had been made aware of two students who normally park at the station to travel in to Manchester who would be hit by the new charges.

He explained: "It is going to cost each of them an extra £10 a week at a time when they can't afford it."

Mr Ranger said the knock on effect was likely to lead to additional cars parked on surrounding roads and streets.

Mr Ranger added: "The residents on the side roads near the station are already upset about the cars that are parked by rail commuters often blocking drives and left all day outside of their homes, and this charge will only make that problem worse."

Northern Rail said the pay and display charge had been determined through benchmarking with car parks in the local area and its introduction would help it to develop a sustainable revenue income, not dependent upon national or local subsidy.

A Northern Rail spokeswoman told the Guardian that the new charge would: "help to preserve the car park for rail users and to help maintain and improve facilities at the station".