THE theft of plants from Knutsford station has escalated over the past few weeks, prompting volunteers to remove the remainder of the greenery in case it too is stolen.

Last month, the Guardian reported that flowerbeds tended by Knutsford in Bloom had been targeted in recent weeks.

Following publication, three grasses were also stolen along with a number of white flowers from the beds near the ticket office of the train station.

The volunteer who tends the beds has removed the remaining grasses for safe keeping.

Yvonne Bancroft, chairwoman of Knutsford in Bloom, said: “It's demoralising the ladies that tend this border and beds. They are planting them in and someone is coming right behind them to dig them up again, often on the same day.

“You can't expect volunteers to keep doing something out of their time, if someone is going to trash it. It's such a shame after all our hard work making it so lovely.

“It was a group effort with Northern Rail removing overgrown trees and shrubs, funding from Knutsford Town Council and lots of hard work from Knutsford in Bloom and the wider community, including plants being donated from interested residents.

“I just hope it stops.”

If you have any information about the thefts, contact the police on 101.