JIM Hart triumphed once again with clean sweep of the top trophies at the Allostock Society Gooseberry Show held in Lower Peover on Saturday.

Jim, who lives in Knutsford and is also secretary of the show, clinched the Wilfred Lea Cup for the heaviest berry with a 26 pennyweight 18 grain Edith Cavell variety as well as the six other trophies including those for heaviest twins and most points claimed in colours.

“It was a good atmosphere and it seemed to go better than ever,” Jim said.

“Everything was under control and everyone was happy.

“But it has not been a good year really and I lost a lot of berries early and they went over very early. I seemed to be in a bit of a drastic situation but I seemed to get good enough berries to win this show. However, if I would have entered the other shows I would have been knocked out.”

Jim said the Allostock society had seven showing this year – with two of its members unable to show because of the weather conditions in recent months.

“What happened is that June got too hot and we didn’t really realise until after,” Jim added.

“When we looked at the temperatures it turned out to be one of the hottest June’s ever so I messed up a bit but I’m not the only one to have done that.

“The berries just seemed to ripe and drop off. I normally have some Millennium’s left and we head off to Southport to show them on a plate there but that is not going to happen this year.

“We’ve got two or three interested in becoming members but we need some young ones joining in as well.”

If you fancy buying a bush and taking part in the society next year call Jim on 01565 631043.



Allostock Gooseberry Society

Heaviest Berry Recorded, 1998: D Carter, Woodpecker, 3699. Cups and trophies — Wilfred Lea Cup for the Heaviest Premier Berry: Jim Hart, Edith Cavell, 26:18; Jim Lander Cup for the Champion Show Plate: Jim Hart, Edith Cavell; Whitbread Trophy for the Most Points Gained: Jim Hart; Jim Whitehurst Cup for the Heaviest Twins: Jim Hart; Jim Eyres Rose Bowl for the Heaviest Firbob Twins: Jim Hart; Jim Whitehurst cup for Heaviest Lord Derby Plate: Jim Hart; Ken Healey Cup for the Most Points Gained in Colour Berry Classes: Jim Hart; Les Palmer Goblet for Second Heaviest Premier Berry: P Riley, Montrose 24:20. Triplets: None. Twins: Jim Hart, Montrose, 52:13; P Riley, Edith Cavell, 38:15; D Heath, Woodside, 34:05; C King, Edith Cavell, 31:00; J Hardy, Millennium, 29:03. Premier Berries: Jim Hart, Edith Cavell, 26:18; P Riley, Montrose, 24:20; D Heath, Millennium, 23:22; J Hardy, Millennium, 22:10; C King, Edith Cavell, 21:04; Julia Wilson, Fascination, 18:12; V Southern, Bank View, 16:04; T Price, no berries; R Hill, no berries. Colours – Red: J Hart, Lloyd George, 24:13; J Hart, Just Betty, 23:19; D Heath, Just Betty, 23:06; D Heath, Just Betty, 20:03; C King, Lord Derby, 17:10; C King, Lord Derby, 16:19; J Hardy, Lloyd George, 15:02; J Hardy, Lloyd George, 13:19; Julia Wilson, Lord Derby, 11:08; Julia Wilson, Lord Derby, 10:18. Yellow: J Hart, Edith Cavell, 25:18; J Hart, Millennium, 25:17; P Riley, Montrose, 24:18; P Riley, Edith Cavell, 23:05; C King, Edith Cavell, 20:19; C King, Edith Cavell, 20:16; D Heath, Fir Bob 20:09; J Hardy, Millennium, 20:08; D Heath, Fir Bob, 20:01; J Hardy, Millennium, 20:00. Green: J Hart, Allostock, 21:16; D Heath, Woodside, 21:05; D Heath, Woodside, 20:17; J Hart, Allostock, 20:00; Julia Wilson, Bank View, 17:13; J Hardy, Bank View, 16:20; C King, Bank View, 15:22; J Hardy, Noodside, 14:12; C King, Bank View, 13:17; P Riley, Bank View 13:12. White: J Hart, Bellmarsh, 25:07; J Hart, Bellmarsh, 23:12; D Heath, Newton Wonder, 19:14; D Heath, Newton Wonder, 18:05; C King, Fascination, 15:19; J Hardy, Jodrell White, 15:11; J Hardy, Jodrell White, 15:10; P Riley, Jodrell White, 15:07; C King, Jodrell White, 15:02; P Riley, Mr Chairman, 14:19. Best beaten berry: J Hart, Edith Cavell, 25:05. Championship Show Plate: J Hart, Edith Cavell. Show Plates – red: D Heath; Yellow: P Riley. Green: J Hardy. White: no entries. Mixed: C King. Assorted: Julia Wilson. Most Points Gained: J Hart, 30; D Heath, 10; P Riley, 8.