POLICE have revealed that a passenger plane was given an RAF escort when it landed after a traveller handed a note to the pilot saying there was a device on board.

This afternoon a Qatar Airways plane travelling from Doha touched down at Manchester Airport accompanied by a RAF jet after the pilot told authorities there was a 'possible device' on board.

A 47-year-old man was taken from the plane and arrested on suspicion of making a bomb hoax.

Chief Supt John O'Hare, from Greater Manchester Police, said the plane had been searched and nothing had been found.

"Today’s incident at the Manchester Airport has received widespread coverage and interest so it is right we update everybody," he said.

“We can confirm the incident is over and it’s business as usual at the airport.

“The incident arose when the pilot received information about a possible device on board the plane having been handed a note from a passenger.

"As a result a full emergency activation commenced that involved the aircraft being escorted in by the RAF before specialist officers boarded and subsequently made an arrest.

"A 47-year-old man from the north west has been arrested on suspicion of making a bomb hoax and remains in police custody for questioning.

“A full search of the aircraft has now finished and nothing suspicious was found.”