A CENTURY-old clock is back in ‘tick-tock’ shape thanks to the efforts of a Knutsford resident.

Earlier this year, David Bryant undertook the task of restoring the early 20th century English Dial Clock that hung in the old Knutsford library for decades.

The old library, which was located at the bottom of Adams Hill, was built in 1904 and it is believed the clock was acquired around the time of the build. When the old library was closed in 2002, Cheshire County Council decided to donate the clock to Knutsford Heritage Centre – and after a few years in the dark, it once again hangs proud but this time on the wall of the heritage centre’s gallery.

David, who also restored the Royal George hotel’s long case clock at the heritage centre, said: “I knew that the clock worked, it was still in good nick.

“A lot of people remember the clock from the library and will now get to see how much it has changed.”

The clock’s appearance is notably different from how many Knutsfordians remember it. At some stage in the past, decorators had painted over the clock when repainting the library interior. The clock case was covered in three coats of black paint, there were two coats of off-white paint on the casework and there was a further coat of black paint on the brass bezel.

David stripped the paint, uncovering a beautiful oak clock case, and repolished the wood. He also restored the brass bezel after stripping it of the paint and resilvered the sight ring. The enamel dial has also been cleaned and where there were perforations, these have been filled to match the white enamel.

“I just like the challenge,” added David. “I’m pleased with how it has turned out.”