IT was another victorious performance by David Monks at the Holmes Chapel Gooseberry Show on Saturday.

David picked up the heaviest berry prize with his 29 pennyweight nine grain Belmarsh, as well as picking up the prize for the most points in the show after growing the heaviest whites, yellows and reds – as well as the heaviest twins.

Malcolm Quayle, secretary of the club, said he thought there may have been a shortage of berries this summer.

“I was very surprised with how it went,” he told the Guardian.

“There was a lot of concern with the berries with how the weather has been that I thought we would be a bit short. The show box looked very good and the heaviest berry was 29, which was the best for quite a while.

“The membership is about 15 at the moment and it’s fairly stable. We’ve got one young member in James Hamilton, who joined this year.”