KNUTSFORD Town Council is lending its support to the Guardian’s campaign to get a half-hourly service on the Knutsford line.

The Guardian teamed up with the Mid Cheshire Community Rail Partnership earlier this month to launch a campaign to get a half-hourly service connecting our towns and villages to Manchester and Chester.

On Monday night, Clr Andrew Malloy, an avid campaigner for improved rail service for Knutsford, asked fellow members of Knutsford Town Council to officially support the creation of this service on the Knutsford line and also the re-opening of the Middlewich branch.

After a presentation from Clr Malloy, in which he outlined the aims of the campaign, a vote was taken and all members present voted in favour of the proposal.

Speaking after the meeting, Clr Malloy said he was delighted with the council’s support.

“I've been campaigning for several years now for an improved rail service for Knutsford, with the re-opening of the Middlewich Branch line being a key part of that campaign, opening up new routes for Knustfordians to Crewe and national train services,” he said.

“Half hourly trains on the Mid Cheshire line would seem to make sense at this time of overcrowding, with use of this line increasing by 164pc over the last 10 years. With some passengers unable to board trains at some stations during peak times, it is really important that we get service improvements as soon as possible.

“By placing this requirement into the Northern Franchise documents this should help to ensure this happens in a timely manner, and I am delighted that Knutsford Town Council have agreed to support not just the half hourly service but also reinforced their support for the reopening of the Middlewich Branch line.”