PLANS to stage an outdoor cinema event on the Heath have been scrapped.

Knutsford Town Council had been considering hosting a drive-in cinema or an all-day outdoor cinema event on the land since autumn 2013.

The proposals were back on the events committee’s agenda last month and members agreed to consult with residents whose homes directly overlook The Heath before any decision was made.

The town council wrote to those who would be directly affected by the event but also invited other town residents to have their say on the plans.

Eighteen responses were received from residents of which five were in favour of the event, 12 against and one unsure.

The key issues raised by those objecting to the event were exploitation of the Heath for commercial purposes, damage to the Heath, disturbance to residents, traffic implications, littering, and cost to precept payers.

The aforementioned concerns were also highlighted by those in favour of the event and there was also concern raised of the future use of the Heath should more events be allowed to take place.

The findings were presented to the events committee on Monday night and the committee resolved not to proceed any further with plans.

Town Clerk Adam-Keppel Garner said: “The Town Council have listened to the thoughts of affected residents who made it clear that they did not think the event appropriate on the Heath. We have therefore decided not to take the plans any further.

“We are always interested to hear what residents think of anything the council do and particularly if they have an idea for an event or initiative.”