DEVELOPERS have had their plans to build 14 new homes in Parkgate Lane, Knutsford, thrown out.

In rejecting the proposals, Cheshire East councillors went against the planning officer’s recommendation to approve the scheme.

Liverpool housing firm Thomas Jones and Sons had earmarked land at Heath Lodge for a mixture of semi-detached and detached houses.

The scheme envisaged the demolition of Heath Lodge, a two-storey property, which was built before 1830, and its annexe, to be replaced by six detached and eight semi-detached two-storey houses.

The site is bounded by the railway line on one side and homes on the other three sides.

Members of the northern planning committee rejected the plans as representing an overdevelopment of the site and harming the amenity of neighbouring properties, and Knutsford Town Council had opposed the scheme for the same reasons.

The town council was also concerned about access problems, and claimed that the internal site arrangement was not adequate and could lead to highway safety issues.

In addition, 13 letters of objection were submitted to Cheshire East Council from residents voicing concerns over the impact of more housing on local roads and adjacent bungalows, and the impact on neighbouring properties of noise and loss of privacy.

A Cheshire East planning officer recommended approval for the scheme, stating that the 14 homes would make a positive contribution to housing land supply in a sustainable location, and would not raise significant issues in respect of amenity, highway safety or drainage.

“While concerns have been raised in respect of noise, these would not substantiate a reason for refusal given the limited nature of the impact and the existing conditions within this residential area,” said the officer’s report.

“The objections of Knutsford Town Council and local residents are fully taken into account; however, the proposal would accord with development plan policies.”

The officer said the proposed layout was appropriate in this urban location, and constituted an efficient use of space.

The recommendation for approval had included a condition requiring a contribution of £56,000 towards public open space and a payment to cover maintenance for 15 years.