AN idea to produce a ‘Welcome to Knutsford’ brochure for the town’s new residents, which could include discount vouchers and information on the town, is under consideration by the town council.

In 2013, the events committee of Knutsford Town Council produced a ‘Welcome to Knutsford’ pack for new businesses, which was sponsored by the Tatton Estate.

The proposal for residents was to introduce a pack which would contain the official town guide, information on Knutsford Town Council and Cheshire East Council, information on events and community organisations, plus details on the local area.

Adam Keppel-Garner, town clerk, told a meeting on July 7 that producing 250 Knutsford Town Council branded folders would cost £392, with the inserted information printed off and updated when needed.

Adam said: “The pack would welcome residents to Knutsford and provide them with information on the town.

“It would help open communication with new residents with an aim of settling them in the new community.

“It would also help promote events, initiatives, community organisations and awareness of the role of the town council, our responsibilities and member contact details. The pack could also feature discount vouchers for town centre retailers to entice people into the town centre.”

Clr Yvonne Bancroft welcomed the idea.

“I think this sounds really good,” she said.

“There are a few people who I have encountered who don’t know how much is going on and it’s a good idea. It’s all about promoting volunteer groups and when you think of the Makers Market, anything that promotes these events is brilliant.”

But Clr Vivien Davies added: “I can see this costing quite a bit of money and Knutsford is going to grow quite considerably and if people are only here for a couple of years then you are going to have to send them out again.

“I just think it will be a lot of work and quite an expense. Our officers are very busy at the moment, so who is going to do the work?”

Clr Tony Dean proposed the council should speak to the town’s estate agents and ask them their view of the packs and whether they would be happy to distribute them to new homeowners.

He also suggested the council should ask agents how many people they have on their books in a bid to estimate numbers.

Councillors agreed to Clr Dean’s proposal.

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