BUSINESSMAN Dennis Newton is still going strong, despite numerous rumours to the contrary.

Mr Newton owns Knutsford MOT centre in Haig Close on the Parkgate Industrial Estate.

Following an increase in trade a few months ago, Mr Newton, 69, decided to employ extra staff to help.

However, this had the unforeseen effect of leading some of his customers to mistakenly believe Mr Newton had retired or sold out.

The rumours have increased recently, and Mr Newton contacted the Guardian this week to tell our readers he has neither retired, nor has any intention of doing so.

“I am still here – you can’t kill the old dog off just yet,” said Mr Newton, who lives in Tarr Wood, Knutsford.

“The rumours started after I took on extra staff because it’s become so busy.

“People keep phoning up, saying they have heard I’ve retired.

“Although I have found it amusing that people are saying I’ve finished or sold up, the rumours have got worse.

“I thought I would ask if something could be put in the paper to tell people I haven’t given up.

“The rumours did start to affect business because my customers have been loyal for 50 years, and some people thought I was no longer here.

“Someone followed me into work the other day and said ‘are you still working? I heard you had sold out’.

“These rumours spread like wildlife, and I want to tell people that I have no plans to retire.”

Knutsford MOT Centre has been at Haig Close for 14 years, after moving from Mobberley, where it was based for 40 years.