RESIDENTS are being asked for their views on plans for an outdoor cinema on The Heath in Knutsford in September.

Knutsford Town Council is looking at putting on a drive-in cinema or an all-day outdoor cinema event on the land.

It has written to residents whose homes directly overlook The Heath seeking their views on what is proposed.

Other town residents are also welcome to have their say, and the deadline for comments is Monday, July 14.

Opposition to the cinema could scupper the scheme, as the council said if feedback from residents was negative it would be unlikely to go ahead.

One of the options is for a drive-in cinema, involving a temporary LED screen or inflatable projection screen, which would show one film.

The screen would be situated at the corner of The Heath by Manchester Road and Tabley Road.

There would be a charge for cars to park to watch the film to help offset costs, and an area set aside for visitors to see the film for free.

Some sound would be played through a loudspeaker, but the majority would be through car radios so the volume can be minimised to reduce disturbance to residents.

The all-day event would involve the free screening of four films throughout the day, including a children’s film in the morning.

The final screening would be a drive-in cinema on the same lines at the first option.

“The drive-in aspect of the event would involve cars parking on The Heath for the evening to watch the film,” said town clerk Adam Keppel-Garner.

He said cars could enter from Northwich Road and leave from either Northwich Road or Tabley Road.

“At present this is just an event we are looking at, and this consultation is to aid the committee to understand public opinion,” said Mr Keppel-Garner.

“Should, through the consultation, the event prove unpopular it would be unlikely to go ahead.”

The town council’s events committee is due to review the residents’ feedback on July 21.

Comments can be emailed to, or write to the council offices at Toft Road, Knutsford.