SPEED limits on Bexton Road could be cut to 20mph as part of a ‘school zone’ initiative after a plea from a concerned parent.

Charlie Greinstein spoke at Knutsford Town Council on Monday, July 7 and raised concerns over cars speeding down Bexton Road.

She highlighted that with three schools in close proximity – Egerton Primary, Yorston Lodge and the Academy – plus the town’s community hospital, cars were going far too quick down the road.

“Bexton Road is trecherous,” she told councillors.

“It is a matter of time before someone, a child, steps out in to the road. Drivers are parking on the pavement meaning they are walking in to the road.

“I’ve had lots of support from Egerton and Yorston Lodge and Knutsford Police have said they will train us to form a speedwatch group.”

Charlie also raised the idea of speed indication devices (SIDs) on Bexton Road and also on the four main arterial roads leading into Knutsford – Mobberley Road, Toft Road, Manchester Road and Northwich Road.

Clr Tony Dean said he had experience of driving through a school zone.

“I do remember driving past a school zone in my last job and it was 20mph down there,” he added.

“I would be able to support a school zone if that is what it was.”

Both Clr Yvonne Bancroft and Clr Vivien Davies added that they both back the ideas to have the road designated as a ‘school zone’ as well as the SIDs being installed on the four main roads entering Knutsford.

“If it can be proved that these things would affect the speed of cars then Cheshire East are morally bound to listen and fund them like they have done in other areas of the borough,” Clr Peter Coan added.

Councillors proposed to write to Cheshire East Council to ask how much the SIDS and ‘school zone’ would cost to be implemented on Bexton Road.

Do you think Bexton Road needs to be designated as a ‘school zone’? Email your thoughts to knutsford@guardiangrp.co.uk. or leave a comment below