THREE members of Knutsford Little Theatre's junior section have won the prestigious Adjudicator's Award at Chelford Drama Festival.

Alannah Roberts and Rowan Perry performed ‘I Gave You My Heart’ at the festival, which was written and directed by the theatre's own David Muncaster, with Esme Perry providing sound effects.

Adjudicator David Wood praised the young team, congratulating the two actresses for their clear and natural performances that made it very easy to believe that they were squabbling siblings and telling them that he was fully engrossed in the story.

He told a packed audience at Chelford Village Hall that the award came 'from the bottom of my heart'.

The award is given out at the adjudicator's discretion and marks three in a row for Knutsford Little Theatre after Celine Barclay won Best Actress in a Junior Production at Wilmslow Festival of One Act Plays last year and Jacky Slator won Best Actress at Chelford in 2012.