AN outdoor cinema event could still be on the cards for Knutsford.

Last July, the Guardian reported that the town council were considering staging a drive-in cinema on the Heath in the autumn of 2013.

Although the event did not go ahead last year, the town clerk Adam Keppel-Garner was asked to look into the event further and reported back to the events committee on June 9.

In the report, Adam outlined two options for an outdoor cinema event – either an all-day cinema event culminating with a drive-in cinema, which would cost £7,050, or a stand-alone drive-in cinema event, costing £3,300.

The cost of the latter option would be offset by the money generated by the expected 200 cars, with a fee of £15 to park.

The Heath remains as the proposed location, with a suggested date of Saturday September 6 2014.

After considering the findings, some concerns were expressed by the members present.

Clr Neil Forbes said: “I think we should consult all residents around the area to make sure we don’t suffer similar effects as the reaction to the Mistletoe Market.

“It is very important we are mindful of deciding to consult if we are still thinking of it.”

He also raised concerns about litter and said it was ‘critically important’ any litter should be removed as part of the process.

Clr Vivien Davies was concerned with the potential traffic problems it would cause, the affect it would have on nearby residents and the potential damage it would cause to the Heath itself.

“Won’t we be setting up precedence for the Heath to be used as car parking?” she added.

Clr Andrew Malloy said he wasn’t excited by the idea.

“I don’t think I would pay £15 – if parking a car full of people, it would be viable,” he said.

“Where is the benefit to the town? What traffic is it going to bring?”

After the debate, a proposal was made whereby the council would consult with The Friends of the Heath, seek local resident feedback, and then make an informed decision on whether the event should be supported.

The vote was divided, with three councillors voting in favour and three against. Clr Tony Dean, as chairman, held the casting vote and the proposal was passed.