A PETITION opposing the downgrading of Knutsford Fire Station is gaining momentum.

Around 2,500 residents have registered their opposition to the downgrade by signing the petition.

The petition was set up last month by a group of worried residents and is now in place in over 30 establishments across Knutsford, as well as on change.org.

Joanne Jackson, one of the residents behind the petition, said: “All of the people involved in getting this petition up have lived in Knutsford most, if not all of their lives, and have watched Knutsford and surrounding areas grow - and if what we are told is true, it is to grow even more over the coming year.

“We have been quoted upwards of 400 houses. Even Mobberley does not escape, they also have more houses than originally planned and there are to be more in the near future.

“This is another reason for demanding we keep our fire station at full strength.”