A COMMUNITY centre at the heart of the town, run by the community, for the community.

That was the suggestion of Allostock campaigner Charlotte Peters Rock at the recent annual town meeting, which was held at the Curzon.

Charlotte, who has relentlessly campaigned for health services to remain in Knutsford, outlined her idea of creating a community centre in the town, which would present a variety of benefits for the wider community.

Speaking on behalf of her campaign group Knutsford Area for Knutsford Action (KAFKA), she said: “I feel what we are missing is a central focal point for all these community groups here tonight. I’m not suggesting they all move into it but it would be a central focal point, and be run by the community, for the community.”

Charlotte highlighted several buildings throughout the town that would as potential locations for the centre, which would be jointly funding by the NHS, local authority and other national and local funds.

“At the moment we have got the court building, Old Town Hall, the Intermediate Care Tatton Ward, Bexton Court, The War Memorial Hospital, which seems to be in public ownership, Stanley House, Holly Lodge, the Conservative Club, and the round building in the cemetery,” she added.

Charlotte stated there are a number of social, community and learning opportunities and events which could centre on a properly set up, community organised and run community centre.

These include volunteering opportunities for younger people, social interaction and health benefits for older people and the sharing of skills, such as cooking and knitting.

She said it would also create a ‘viable public transport system’.

“The idea is to put forward ideas of what can take place in the community centre,” she added.

Have you any ideas about what could take place at the centre? Do you think the town is missing such a facility or service? Comment below.