A SCHOOL believes it could have solved a problem of parents parking outside the gates that has created safety concerns for children.

The Guardian has featured numerous articles over the past three years about the problems facing pupils at Bexton Primary School on Blackhill Lane as they attempt to arrive at school.

An increase in the levels of traffic around the school has led to rising levels of concern about the safety of children crossing Blackhill Lane and Bexton Lane.

A working group was set up to look into measures and a petition was created in 2011 to try to force the council into installing a crossing.

But in a letter to parents sent out last week, the school announced that it would be trying a new method of making Blackhill Lane safer by moving the cars over and parking on the other side of the road.

The letter said: “For some time now parents walking our children to school have been concerned about cars mounting the pavement as they try to pass each along Blackhill Lane.

“Almost every day we see children put in danger as a result of these illegal manoeuvres.

“The solution simply involves all the cars moving over and parking on the other side of this road.

“This would create natural passing places where the house drives occur – in the same way as happens every day on Beggarmans Lane.

“So we are asking that from May 12 you all park on the ‘houses’ side of the road.”

Paul Dolan, headteacher at Bexton, said the new system – introduced with the help of volunteers – was trialled for the first time on Monday morning.

“It went very well,” he said.

“When we went out at 8.30am there were two cars that had been left over from the weekend and that scuppered us a bit.

“They were parked on the kerb, which is illegal, but apart from that when the parents came they moved to the other side of the road.

“Once they were on the other side, apart from those two cars, it was successful.

“I just said to everyone that we need double yellows down here as this shows that it sorted the problem out – it’s obviously as simple as that.”

Mr Dolan added the problem was not just prevelant at his school.

“Parking near schools is a problem all over Knutsford,” he said.

“Some of the roads in Knutsford are very small so if you get parents parking on both sides it is a big problem.

“If everyone parks sensibly it would solve the whole problem.”

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