JASMINE Dines was this afternoon crowned as Knutsford's 150th Royal May Queen.

A huge crowd - much bigger than in previous years - descended on the town centre this afternoon to see the annual parade wind through the streets.

The Guardian was on hand to take some videos of the occasion which can be viewed below. 

The Cheshire Wheelmen and the Warrington Marching Band entertained the crowds on King Street:

But it was clear to regulars that the crowds were much bigger than in previous years, no doubt helped by the sunny weather.

Jasmine and her court waved to the crowds as the procession made its way from the Sessions House on Toft Road, down Adams Hill, along King Street, up Tatton Street before heading along Princess Street and making a right onto King Edward Road then onto the Heath via Manchester Road.

But it was Edward Stone who had the task of delivering the crown to Jasmine on the Heath, shortly after 4pm. 

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