TATTON Park’s Home Farm has an unexpected star attraction on their hands – Captain Jack Sparrow.

Staff were overjoyed to oversee the birth of a little tup lamb on April 10, whose marking made him stand out from the crowd.

White with a black patch covering his left eye, just like a pirate, staff aptly named him Captain Jack Sparrow after the character made famous by Johnny Depp in The Pirates of the Caribbean films.

He has since created a stir amongst visitors during the farm’s recent ‘Lambing Fortnight’ and Easter celebrations, proving a hit with pirate-loving children.

Farm assistant Lisa Kennedy said: “Captain Jack is certainly proving to be a big character around the farm. He is definitely the ringleader out in the fields and is always the first one to create a big competition between his fellow lambs as to who can skip and jump the highest.”

The farm currently has a flock of 40 ewes, consisting of different breeds, and is working to establish a small flock of Leicester sheep which are an endangered breed.

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