ROADS outside schools, busy junctions and notorious bends on a Knutsford estate are set to be made safer after Cheshire East Council (CEC) proposed plans to install double yellow lines.

Three areas in the town have been identified as being of high priority – Grove Park, Manor Park South and Higher Downs, and Longridge - and the borough council are proposing to introduce no waiting orders on the most problematic and dangerous stretches.

The plans were discussed at Knutsford Town Council’s Environments Committee meeting this month and members’ final comments have been submitted for consideration by CEC.

The no waiting restrictions on Grove Park would be imposed around the central island at the entrance at its junction with Toft Road, in order to keep the area clear of parked vehicles allowing for safer access and egress.

Issues reported include damage to grassed verge, congestion and danger caused by parked cars.

Members acknowledged that the issue has been an ongoing one but some questioned the necessity to have the restrictions at all times on all days.

Clr Vivien Davies said: “If it’s jammed up with cars it’s extremely difficult to get in and out. Any lorries or removal vans, etc, have to mount the grass verges because of parked cars and it really is an obstacle for people to get in and out.”

Committee members agreed to support the order with no changes.

The proposed no waiting order for Longridge relates to the junction of Longridge and Mobberley Road, and around the double bends leading to the housing estate.

CEC identified issues such as reduced visibility on the bends, congestion and obstruction for vehicles turning into Longridge from Mobberley Road.

Clr Simon Hutchence said: “The bends are quite sharp and it can be difficult but it does have the affect of slowing you down. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword.

“I question, if there is a need for no parking on the straight bit going up to the junction. The bend I can understand, I can see the logic in that.”

Committee members were concerned about the impact on the businesses operating in the area so supported the restrictions on the bends but not on the straight stretch leading up to, and including, the splayed junction.

The final no waiting restrictions are proposed opposite the entrance of St. Vincent’s Catholic Primary School and around the junction of Manor Park South and Higher Downs.

Issues include congestion and danger caused by parked cars and commuting motorists at school opening and dispersal times.

Members suggested that the lines are moved to the opposite side of the road on Higher Downs and extended to the service road.

Clr Vivien Davies said: “As I live there I am well aware of the problems. The schools are allowed to expand and expand and it just increases traffic. You take your life into your own hands and have to overtake on a blind bend on a regular basis.

“Parents totally ignore everybody’s safety, and sometimes their own children’s safety, and park on entrance.

"It is totally unacceptable.”