A COMEDIAN, a clothing giant, a court case, and Knutsford – a strange mix of elements that make up the basis of new feature documentary, King Cnut.

The story begins with stand up comedian Dave Griffiths, who has been touring the UK with his comedy roadshow – C U IN COURT.

The comedy show tells the true story of how Dave, owner of King Cnut clothing, fought French Connection for his right to wear his CNUT t-shirts on stage.

An audience member, who also happened to be a film-maker, was captivated by Dave’s story, and has taken up the baton of capturing his tale on camera and spreading it to the masses.

Film-maker Ryan Harrison said: “The idea that no matter how small you are you can still fight for what’s right didn’t want to leave my head.

“Perhaps the constant fight that is the film business and my eternal sense of perseverance made me see in Dave an equal.”

So where does Knutsford fit in? The reason Dave was able to keep trading under the CNUT name was due to a court ruling that stated that CNUT was the name of a King of England –the Old Norse name of the our famous Canute.

“Dave, after years of struggle, won because a judge in London acknowledged that Cnut was a king. So basically King Cnut saved Dave,” explained Ryan, who is writing, directing and producing the film.

“Dave now sells clothing via his King Cnut website and we want to talk about Cnut and interview those who know about him.”

Ryan is keen to find out more about king, who took the throne in 1016, and will be travelling to Knutsford with his film crew next month.

“We'll be mostly with the Heritage Centre people as our intention is to talk and show 'King Cnut',” he said.

“It's the bit in the film where we talk about the historical figure he is so people understand his relation to Dave and how he 'saved the day' for Dave.”

  • For more information on King Cnut Movie visit kingcnut.com or check out the video below.