CAMPAIGNERS have raised concerns over plans for a 30-mile ‘strategic road by stealth’ which includes a new dual carriageway linking the M6 and M56.

Plans for the A556 would form part of a scheme encircling north Cheshire and filling it with traffic and development, according to the Campaign for Better Transport.

A new report by Keith Buchan of the Metropolitan Transport Research Unit has called for a strategic assessment of the plans as the roads are not being created or altered in a cohesive programme, and are instead being funded by a range of different authorities.

The Campaign for Better Transport and the North West Transport Roundtable are now asking for a full assessment of the cumulative impact of the schemes, which include an airport relief road on the A6 as well as a north to south bypass, and improvements to the A556 between Knutsford and Bowdon creating a new alignment and dual carriageway, with a 60mph speed limit aimed at reducing the large increase in air pollution the changes would cause.

Keith Buchan said: “The increased traffic that would be caused, the air pollution and climate emissions created and the impact on the green belt, all need to be looked at and better value alternatives considered in a strategic way.”