MANCHESTER Airport’s taxiway reconstruction programme is behind schedule – meaning Runway 2’s temporary night-time schedule will remain in place for an additional three weeks.

Back in January, the airport announced that Runway 2 would be used as the sole runway for flights taking off and landing between 9.30pm and 6.30pm, Sunday to Thursday, for a total of eight weeks.

This was a result of Runway 1, the airport’s busiest runway, closing for overnight maintenance.

The works were due to finish this Friday, March 28, and normal night-time procedures reinstated, but the finish date has now been pushed back until Friday April 18.

In a letter to affected residents, Manchester Airport’s Community Relations Advisor Jonathan Challis said: “The programme of taxiway reconstruction we have been carrying out in February and March has been heavily affected by the weather conditions. On a number of nights we have been unable to carry out work and so the programme is behind schedule.

“The programme will require replacement nights of Runway 1 closure. Whilst the Runway is closed for these taxiway works we will continue to carry out routine maintenance tasks to keep our busiest runway in a safe and usable condition.”

Planes are not normally allowed to use the second runway between 10pm and 7am because of noise complaints from residents living under its flight path.

However, the changes are permitted within the terms of the Planning Permission for Runway 2.

Jonathan added: “As always, the prevailing weather conditions will determine in which direction aircraft will take-off and land.

“I am sorry for the disturbance that these temporary changes to our night-time operations may cause to and assure you that such closures are only arranged when essential work is required.”