WHEN it comes to business, there’s no time to monkey around – and a young Knutsford entrepreneur knows that more than most.

Nicholas Simons, 23, became his own boss at the age of 18 after setting up an online gadget business fresh out of college.

He has now moved on to his new venture selling custom printed t-shirts and has set up shop in his hometown – Shirt Monkey.

The Rutherford Drive resident said: “I have always been quite creative and been into designing and started up the business about a year ago.

“I found this premises and thought it was ideal as there is a lot of passing traffic. Hopefully, it will bring a lot of people through the door.”

Customers can bring in their own t-shirts or pick from a selection in the Mobberley Road store. Nicholas offers a wide variety of designs but also offers bespoke graphics.

As well as printing shirts, Nicholas offers a ‘Create a Brand’ service. Nicholas set up the service to help budding businesses establish their own brand of clothing and even offers a personalised e-commerce website option as part of one of the packages.

Nicholas, a former paparazzo, said: “My aspiration is to create a ‘print while you wait’ service. I will be able to get it up and running soon and really think it will be a unique service.

“I hope to be the go-to place for T-shirts in Knutsford.”

For more information about Shirt Monkey visit shirtmonkey.co.uk