FIRST Aid knowledge is often something we take for granted in the workplace and community – but what about our canine companions?

Holmes Chapel veterinary practice Cheshire Pet recently hosted their first aid course specifically aimed at dog owners.

Held at St Luke’s in Holmes Chapel, the first aid course provided attendees with tips and techniques to correctly respond to different kinds of canine health and behavioural issues.

Cheshire Pet’s Head Nurse, Jane Hammersley, instructed the course with the help of colleague Rachel Trafford.

“The day was a real success and it was great to see so many people come to learn more about caring for their dogs,” she said.

“Just as it is with people, this sort of training can often make a huge difference. It’s great to know what to do in an emergency situation and it will give a much better chance of a positive outcome.”

Jane and Rachel guided attendees through a number of different exercises designed to help owners learn how to correctly given emergency care to a dog - such as when they are choking, been in a fight, are fitting or have stopped breathing.

Attendees were also invited to practise resuscitation techniques using Casper, the CPR mannequin, tried out bandaging techniques and learned how to perform the Heimlich Manoeuvre on their pets.

The comprehensive course also dealt with different areas of dog care, including what is normal, such as respiratory rates and temperatures, so that owners can detect when there is a problem.

In addition, attendees were instructed on how detect signs of aggressive behaviour, not only in their own dog but others, which could help owners avert a nasty incident.

“People have said how useful it was and how much they had learnt, so we will be running more of these courses in the near future,” added Jane.

Register interest for a future course by calling Jane on 01477 544554.