BARCLAYS has said it will remove traffic cones and tape which is blocking contractors from parking on Stocks Lane after admitting it did not currently have permission to put them there.

In the Guardian two weeks ago it was revealed that contractors had had their third party parking privileges at Barclays Technology Centre removed.

As a result workers and residents feared it could lead to up to 700 vehicles parking elsewhere in the village.

They also expressed concerns over safety for those who would have to walk along a busy A road to reach the site.

And this morning Barclays decided to cone and tape off areas of Stocks Lane to prevent contractors from parking close to their offices.

This led to angry calls to the Guardian office from frustrated workers.

A spokesman for Barclays told the Guardian: "It would appear official permission for the use of the traffic cones had not been sought so they will be removed with immediate effect.

"The purpose of the traffic cones were to discourage our third party suppliers from parking on the grass verges with the local residents in mind, however we accept we will need to gain the appropriate permission should we decide to take this action in the future."