CHESHIRE East Council has this afternoon approved plans to create a new adventure playground in Tatton Park.

The authority's strategic planning board has met today, Wednesday, at Macclesfield Town Hall to discuss the plans put forward by Bure Valley Adventures Ltd.

After discussing the matter for almost two hours, councillors decided to give the application the green light.

However, due to the complexities of the approval the decision will now go before the Planning Inspectorate before any building work can start.

The Norfolk-based company will be handed a £5million loan from the council to ensure the development can be created.

At the meeting Richard Reeves, a farmer who has land at Tatton, told the committee if these plans were approved it would be the 'final nail in the coffin for farming in Cheshire'.

Mike Houghton, a Knutsford Town councillor, also spoke and said: "The supposed economic benefits to Tatton are very much to the disadvantage of Knutsford. BeWILDerwood restricts Knutsford's freedom of movement, economy health and wellbeing."

Clr Brendan Murphy, sitting on the committee, opposed the application adding: "To approve this would be tantamount to the council selling applications.

"There is nothing to be lost financially by refusing this but by approving a lot will be lost - the impact on the character, history and legacy of Tatton Park."

Clr Paul Edwards called the development 'elitist' because of high admission and access only by car.

Clr David Brown, deputy leader of CEC, said the new development will 'help make a name for Tatton and Tatton Park'.

Philippa Meakin, from Marketing Cheshire, spoke on behalf of the organisation and said it supported the proposal.

"Cheshire is a pleasant and attractive place but we need to develop more places that can compete with seaside and city breaks," she said.

"BeWILDerwood would provide a new reason for visitors to come to Cheshire and would put more money into the local economy."