THE Chair of a floral volunteer group in Knutsford has spoken out against the ‘bare faced cheek’ of thieves who swiped plants from Toft Road at the weekend.

Knutsford in Bloom, a group of volunteer residents, dedicate their free time to ‘creating a floral Knutsford’ and are responsible for planting projects across the town.

However, the group’s Chair Yvonne Bancroft said she is disappointed to discover one of their projects, the barrier planters outside the Curzon, has been vandalised at the weekend.

“I can’t believe whoever it is has the bare faced cheek to do it in full view,” she said.

“This isn’t the first time this has happened and I think it’s the same person that does this every spring, from the same barrier planters. I guess it’s someone who lives nearby.”

Yvonne has reported the incident to the police and is hoping that the culprit has been caught on CCTV.

“It would be nice for a policeman or policewoman to turn up on the culprit’s doorstep to give them a nasty wake-up call,” she added.

“We want our town to look nice and one or two selfish individuals are determined to spoil it for everyone else.”

Yvonne is appealing for anyone with information to contact her and also had a few words of advice for the thief.

She added: “If you are reading this and you are the culprit - shame on you.

“Take the plants back and replant them, water them. No questions asked, but please stop it. You can but these plants very cheaply.”

If you have any information contact Yvonne on 01565 631 833 or email Anyone interested in volunteering for Knutsford in Bloom can also contact Yvonne on the number provided.