KNUTSFORD marketing and pr consultancy, Blue Barnacles Communications, is working with three masters degree students from Manchester Metropolitan University as part of their MSc public relations course.

Abdul Aziz Al Khalifa, Josie Bell and Alex Brown will be preparing press packs to promote three of the consultancy’s community and charity projects.

Abdul Aziz is working with the Knutsford Hosts, the new town-wide volunteering initiative, Josie is working on Knutsfoodies, the innovative pilot food course aimed at five to 15-year-olds, and Alex is working with Knutsford Heritage Centre to promote its Crowning Glory events in celebration of the 150th Royal May Day in 2014.

“We are delighted to have had these projects allocated to the students, and we hope they will find them interesting,” said Julie Tempest of Blue Barnacles Communications.

“Having a detailed press pack, including press release, case studies, interviews, blogs, tweets and podcast/video ideas will be invaluable in helping promote each project.”

Julie founded Blue Barnacles PR five years ago. Having worked with Sarah Flannery on a number of projects, the pair decided to rename the company Blue Barnacles Communications.

“With the joint breadth of our working experience it quickly became clear that we could offer a level of expertise that extends far beyond traditional PR,” said Sarah.

“Most clients appreciate a practical and integrated approach to their communications needs whether for internal or external comms purposes, particularly in a digital age. Online is where we really excel.”

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